The first thing that comes to mind nowadays when we hear the word ‘redeem’ is probably the discount coupons or the loyalty points from the shops and malls that we frequent. If we were to look up the etymology of the word, we will end up with Latin and French origins, both of them meaning […]
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We cannot choose the family we are born into; and by extension, neither the relatives. As we grow, we make a lot of relationships, give up on some, lose some, cherish a few and regret some. Each one of them teaches us something. Each one of them gives and takes something from us, moulding us […]
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'Be a man' – How many times have we heard this being said! And then, we have an extension for the Christian man – 'Be a godly man.' We have properly defined roles, all possible education and resources to support the demands and extreme pressure to become a professional of any sort – doctor, scientist,engineer, […]
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