Author: Shiney Miracula

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Everyone’s faith is being put to test as we are travelling through a very critical year 2020. There is bad news every night and some days, we lack the strength to fight against the surrounding negativity and bitter reality. With the pandemic which doesn’t seem to be leaving us any time sooner along with deadly […]
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Plagues Before Miracles, Years Before Redemption: How to survive the vagueness of waiting?  What comes to your mind when you hear the word, miracles? Wedding at Cana, awakening of Lazarus from death, multiplying the food for a multitude or something else? What is common in every case just before the miracle happens? Well, a conflict […]
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Last year or even before two months we wouldn’t have thought of a situation which will make attending Sunday service a distant dream.  And yet here we are today searching for online church services to somehow fuel our faith. The usual Sunday services which we always took for granted are not available anymore.  For years […]
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