‘Building up others – A Way of life’

Written by on 27-05-2020

Motivate, encourage, support etc… !! Magnanimous words spoken about in a simple way! Is it easy to practice all of the above? How many of us would dare say “that’s my way of life”? As easy as it may seem, it ain’t that simple.

We have all heard ‘Man is a social animal’. We cannot exist without people around us- be it our family, Friends, colleagues, acquaintances or even passers- by. Our life revolves around relationships! And what makes these relationships significant and valuable, is an instinctive need to belong and the yearning to be accepted. Now the question arises; where or to whom should we belong? Who should accept us? Should we build these relationships? Is there a medium or a forum that would guide me through?

Building others or building relationships does not start by studying or through pursuing a course; bonds and connections are not a onetime episode of generosity or a contribution towards the underprivileged; neither is it inspiring someone by being a role model. Do we just help someone and forget or do we build them? There seems to be a misconception about how we HELP others and how we BUILD others. It’s always considered one and the same, however there is undoubtedly a huge difference.

HELPING others is a way of living but BUILDING others is a way of life”!

Where does it start and when does it end? Surprisingly, it starts with YOU! Building ONESELF is the foundation and this practice never ends as long as you live..! The measure of how well you’ve lived is measured by the degree to which you’ve nurtured yourself and built up others. The key to building oneself is to realize who you are whether you respect yourself for the person you are! Only then will  you be able to respect others, value their feelings and appreciate their worth.

We live in a self-obsessed world, where we witness people spewing hate and jealousy, wearing a mediocre mask due to insecurities.

Everything we seek and everything we do is with a reward or an incentive in mind. What would I get if I help? Will I be recognized for the work I do? Does he/she deserve my time? Oh he/she wasn’t there when I was in need! I have my life to deal with! “It’s difficult to find time to help myself, how would I find time to build others?” This is the attitude that has taken over the world today. Our lives revolve around a selfish motive.

We need to understand what the purpose of our life is. Very few of us know of; and believe in a greater purpose. The inestimable value of relationships and the true meaning of Humanity is lost in the current scenario. What makes us Humane? Our Profession? Our Family? The wealth we accumulate? Or the acquired success?

No! It is how you have enriched a life that defines your purpose in life.

In this broken world there is a definite need to build each other. But how? It is futile trying to change others perspectives, thus it is important to raise your level of consciousness so that you could transcend efforts with greater awareness. Introspect, be mindful, analyze, and take time to comprehend, don’t be too quick to judge, do away with assumptions, clear your mind, and be patient.etc… We need to understand that everything we do is not going to yield fruit immediately. Building oneself and others is no joke; it takes a lot of effort until it becomes effortless with practice.

When people need your help, Be Attentive, listen carefully, genuinely with an open mind. Acknowledge diversity in thoughts and opinions, with a non-judgmental attitude; deal with them with utmost respect irrespective of what they are or what they say. Make them believe in the power of their actions, help them restore faith in themselves and remind them of their irreplaceable role in the society.

There have been times when we questioned ourselves, innumerable thoughts raced through our minds regarding, what am I doing with my life? Where am I headed? What should I be doing? Am I doing the right thing? What does the future hold in store for me? How we wished someone could help us confront and solve these puzzles in our mind and heart. Many would hear you, but very few would listen and raise you up. ‘Be the someone who listens and cares’!

Situations might not be the same in everybody’s life, the journey of every individual is unique, their paths’ are different; but building faith and belief in themselves; in order to overcome impediments, discouragement and obstacles is the essence of building up others. By building up others and uplifting them we raise our own value of life. And all through this process it is imperative that we display commitment in our thoughts and actions.

Welcome with open arms, look into people’s eyes when you greet them, thank everyone graciously, flash a smile at a gloomy face, radiate with loving kindness, be the sunshine in everyone’s life.

Encourage others to embrace life with courage and no regrets.

If we look within our hearts we would understand the unique challenges that each of us face, we would treat others with due respect and love. We would possess more tolerance and Patience.

‘Care for others the way you would want to be cared for, build up others the way you would want to be inspired’. Be selfless and you’ll be amazed by your bountiful blessings.

“If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he is, it must be how he builds others.”

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