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Think about a life without anyone to share your feelings, hangout with and share all your happiness and talk to, that’s something which no one would ever want. If one thing really makes life worth the while and lends you a strong hand when you need it, it is nothing else but friendship, whether it’s  any part of the day, friends are the ones whom you can call on in times of need, they are definitely the ones who will be there when no else will. Friendship is definitely the fruitful essence of one’s life.

In my life friends are the ones whom I have an intimate relationship with and whom I can share myself with and trust them. They are the ones who really know who I am and everything about me, it’s not just about your friends understanding you but it’s a two way relationship where you also understand your friends. As you have them, they have you. We need to understand that friendships are not always smooth, there can be times where you might be prone to hear rumors that are completely false and you must watch out for those, in circumstances like this if you know your friend really well you wouldn’t have any problem as you know your friend very well and deep in your heart you would know that it is not true. Also we may face hard time with our friendship as at time when one of our friends is having a bad day and is in a bad mood, the tone which they speak to us with might be very different and may be perceived as being very rude or harsh but it is in your hands to understand the situation your friend is in and trying to talk it out and being there for him or her in times like this.

Our friends are the ones who motivate us and stand with us, they bring out the best in all of us, even at times when we doubt ourselves as to whether we are capable of something or not, are friends are the ones who believe in us and will give us the hope in order accomplish what we thing is not possible. They also give you positive criticisms in order for us to become better individuals.

Some friendships are short term and some go on for some time but there are these true to heart friends who will be there with you no matter where they are and these friendships last for a life time. Friends no matter what you say are the ones that add spark to your life; they are the ones with who you can truly be yourself.

-Allan Rohith Paul

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