Journeying Through Lockdown With A ‘Positive Attitude of Gratitude’

Written by on 03-05-2020

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind” – William James.

The journey of life isn’t always about rainbows and sunshine.

Our world seems to have come to a standstill; with days that no longer seem normal and nights that never seem to end. We are battling a pandemic! Are we battling a pandemic? Or are we battling fear of death? Or; are we battling an epidemic within? Is there a way out? When will this end?

It is difficult to conceptualize the fact that we have been restricted and our normal life has been grounded. We no longer wake up to a day with deadlines to be completed or tasks to be accomplished. Our routine is hampered, and our life doesn’t seem eventful anymore. We question our normalcy! Can we be normal with this kind of a situation?

On the contrary why not focus on what good this lockdown has done to us and our lives. Life is what we make of it; why not embark on this journey with an open mind and a positive attitude of gratitude.

There have been days when we longed to spend time with our loved ones, times we wished we could just sleep all day, nights… we dreamt of how we evolved into a better world of tranquillity. We have spent time worrying about how we could stay healthy and safe.

We waited for our casual leaves to be approved so we could relax, hang out with friends and have a good time, we longed for a break from our daily drill…. well our wishes have been granted! Let’s consider this a blessing in disguise, let’s maintain an optimistic attitude towards life, it’s a time when mothers can afford a view of their children all the time, and fathers get to spend quality time with their children, a time when couples both young and old re-discover togetherness, a time for experimental cooking and discovery, and a time to pursue your hobbies and what you have always yearned to do.

In a world that revolves around materialistic aspirations, COVID-19 has dawned as a reminder; insisting that there is no money without health and as the saying goes ‘Health is Wealth’.

We have but one life!  And during these trying times, seizing an opportunity to be happy is the key to a satisfying lockdown.

Our lives have been paused. But take a moment to analyze our environment. Our natural world seems to have healed itself in this process. Nature seems to rejoice our pause. She gives us cleaner air to breathe, with lesser air pollution. Flowers seem to bloom with greater delight; we hear birds chirping with joy; we see squirrels running up the trees with their food. How long has it been since we focused on these aspects of life? It’s time now to experience our life and not just live it.

I personally believe that we should consider this lockdown as a boon, a chance to introspect, and reflect and see how we could contribute to strike a work-life-nature balance and co-exist peacefully, benefiting all.

Let’s stop complaining. Stop regretting about not being able to go out, not being able to meet family and friends, not being able to travel. Can’t watch movies, can’t go out for dinner, and can’t attend get-togethers etc…

Let us understand and realize ‘A temporary CAN’T is better than a NEVER’!

Let us deliberate on how we could use this time to grow, cherish, enrich and shape our lives in a way that makes us feel more relaxed, strong and productive. Let us be grateful for what we have and value the people we have!!! Let us pray for everyone and wish them well!

It is said that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’; this cloud of pandemic will also see a silver lining soon. We shall wait with hope & faith, being thankful in our hearts!!!

Stay Safe; Stay Healthy in Mind, Body and Soul!

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