Talk about all the things that seem to be happening to us. It could be anything from traffic to what to do on weekends, a shopping trip and falling in love when you’re on one! Aha, falling in love!

Let’s stop right there for a minute and see when was the last time we heard that word! Should I say yesterday? This morning? In the last hour? Love is everywhere, and while some of us are floating around happily in love, some of us hate the very idea of falling in love, and some are just desperate to find someone to love.

What we’re gonna talk about, is not how you can find love, or how you can meet your perfect match, but a different angle altogether – how you can let love find you.

I know your wondering what in heaven’s name am I talking about, well let me explain. See yesterday, this friend of mine called me and she started bawling on the phone. After a lot of consoling, she finally told me what was bothering. Now this friend of mine, is a lovely person, which explains why I’m her friend in the first place. But for some strange reason, she wasn’t too lucky when it came to love. Either she picked all the wrong ones or the wrong ones picked her, something was wrong. And very upset last night, she asked, , how much longer should I go around searching for love? Why won’t it just come to me?. Do we have to go searching for love? Or can we just afford to relax a bit and let love find us? Which side of the coin are you on?

And just think about it guys – a lotta times today, all these relationship experts will give us great advice on how to be in a relationship or find your perfect guy or gal, but what they forget to tell us is that just like you have a Mr. Right or a Ms. Right, there is also a moment right. The right person and the right time! Yes we like our food fast, our cars fast, and why not relationships fast too. But unfortunately, it won’t work that way. However fast our lifestyles are, any relationship could always do with a lil courting, a word I’ve even forgotten how to spell. Every relationship needs a particular timing when things should kick off into one phase and then the next. And its when that timing messes up that love goes away. How about calling off the search for love and check to see if your ready for it in the first place.

Are we ready for love or are we rushing towards something its not even time for? I was just thinking, we all have love stories right?

Now there’s a reason why they’re called stories – cos they most definitely have a beginning, a middle and an end right? Say you’re watching this romantic movie and suddenly the boy and girl are married in like ten minutes of the movie, and the rest of the movie shows them doing normal stuff like a married couple. What’s the story in that? Or the other way round, Say, they don’t even hold hands till the end of the movie, now that’s a seriously bad romantic movie right?
Before I wrap up, I’d just like to remind you about all the things we talked about. And there’s a line that sums it all up. It was said by King Solomon – Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe and you are ready. Remember that line and think for a minute before you get serious too quick, before you make a commitment to somebody, before you say I do! And never ever give up hope on your Mr. or Ms. Right. Remember, your right moment may be a u turn away! Take care !


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