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“You of little faith; why are you so afraid?”Mathew- Chapter 8:26

‘Faith’ and ‘Fear’ evidently contradictory terms, sometimes work as great motivators in their own ways. Only that faith creates peace and happiness and fear restricts it.

‘Fear exerts you whereas faith builds you!’

Our present physical, psychosocial and economic environment is being intimidated by an uncertain crisis; but we still seem to be living! During such times of trials, uncertainties and turmoil, such as the pandemic of COVID-19, we might question ourselves; do we stand a chance of having hope or faith that we would emerge victorious? If yes. How?

What do we fear? Do we fear being forsaken by God our Supreme Creator? Or are we afraid of drowning in an ocean of fear and hopelessness caused by the crisis?

God says:

“Fear not for I am with thee- Isaiah 41:10

“See I have carved you on the palm of my hands!”- Isaiah 49:15

We are but humans and fear is the most common reaction to any crisis. We confront a fight or flight situation. Are we going to fight or will we deny it and flee from it? It takes more than fear to have faith. Faith doesn’t come easy; we inculcate it with trust and hope; we nurture it like it were a child. Trials and misfortunes are a part of our lives; we constantly battle it out to make our existence peaceful and worthwhile in this world.

When in fear; with my blood pressure racing, heart beat thumping and my body functions churning; what do I get? I get sick! But with a heart that is hopeful, a mind that says have faith and with a body relaxed and calm; what can’t I get? I’ve got confidence, clarity of thought and action leading to peace!

What sense does it make to fear a morbid crisis, assuming it might consume you, instead why not have faith in yourself and fight the fear while gaining momentum? Things in the past, in the present scenario and in the future have, and would definitely impact us in many ways, if we had not taken a tiny leap of faith in the past we might not be in the present and if we do not plant a seed of faith today we might never see the future.!

Do we have control over situations and circumstances? The answer is clearly NO! But do we have knowledge and control over our emotions and ourselves? YES! Without a doubt. Can we make conscious choices of what we need to embrace and what to let go? Well I leave that to you..! Answer this question within…

The spread of a disease and the fear of it encircled us with an aura of uncertainty and clouded our horizon with doubt and speculation! We haven’t stopped living because of this! We continue to look forward to witnessing another day in our lives! Now that is what Faith is all about! Looking forward and surging ahead with trust and belief in the promises of God! Every Individual, every experience, every reaction, and every response is unique; yet we as Christians Unite in one common Faith, not because we are forced to, not because we are taught to, nor because we are enlightened; but because ‘WE BELIEVE’. We believe that our God will never forsake us nor give up on us. Let’s continue to carry this torch of faith and trust in the Almighty and overcome every obstacle that comes our way. Let us not permit fear to encroach our lives and curb us with precariousness and insecurity.

Are we Individuals who allow fear to conquer our souls? or are we the righteous who conquer fear and make it a virtue? You might wonder- Fear…? A virtue? Yes; when fear is conquered and used to our advantage and growth, we claim it to be a Virtue; and that’s the attitude each one of us should uphold. Let nothing pull you down, endure and evolve through every form of crisis with faith and confidence, bearing the shield that God has provided!

‘Let fear be your ignition and faith be your journey!’

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