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Written by on 27-05-2016

Music is one thing that lights up everyone’s world. For me, music is my world. It has the power to impact your life like nothing else. My life without tones, harmonies and melodies will be totally lifeless. From childhood whenever I used to listen to a song, I not only just listen to the song but I feel the music, the rhythm and the instruments that awaken the spark within me. My day is never done without listening to some good music and spending time with my keyboard. You can very well say that music is extremely addictive. Music is something that can convey things that words just simply cannot. In one way, music is one of the biggest sources of entertainment for people and in other way it’s so deep that it connects with one's inner state.

Making music is something that is an integral part of my life. I’m a keyboardist, drummer, and I play little bit of guitar. Whenever I’m with my instrument I really feel special and for sure the keyboard is my best friend. Instruments in my life are really a form through which I can let out my feelings and find means to express myself through them. The musicians I play with are an extended part of my family and they are people whom I have always felt are a part of me whom I can really bond with, musically. The people whom you share the stage with are the once who will influence you, it’s always important to be with the right set of musicians who share the same perspective of what music means to you.

Music helps us keep life in a state of balance. Whether I had a long and tiring day or am in a bad mood because of something music has always been the solution. All I have to do is just turn on the music and it just takes me to another dimension, a world where I forget all my problems and troubles filled with peace of mind. You could say that music is one thing that will definitely help you achieve inner peace. Music is a very important essence of life.

When looking at the kinds of music, there are extremely diverse genres and for me music is music. I am open to all kinds of music. As a musician it is very important to be accepting of all kinds of genres though you may have your own preferences and influences. In terms of trying to communicate to your audience with your music it is best to keep it simple and groovy. As musicians, most of us like to do a lot of crazy stuff and complicate things to prove our skills and talent, but that always may not prove to be efficient as too much of complicated stuff may become irritable and boring at times. It is good to focus on music that is complex and technical in order to develop your musical skills but when you are to cater to your audience, they love what is simple and groovy, not complicated; it should totally get the audience submerged and lost into the song.

-  Allan Rohith Paul

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