When is the next Sunday service?

Written by on 02-04-2020

Last year or even before two months we wouldn't have thought of a situation which will make attending Sunday service a distant dream. 

And yet here we are today searching for online church services to somehow fuel our faith. The usual Sunday services which we always took for granted are not available anymore. 

For years together, for most christians, the only and most important way of practicing their belief had been going regularly for Sunday service. 

Now as it has become a rarity, sincere churchgoers are in a fix. They feel as if their spiritual life has reached its end. 

So, what do we do now in this time of unrest, chaos and struggling phase? It could take months before we could sit in our church pew and sing a thankful hymn. No one knows when is the next Sunday service which will let us walk through the gates of our church. Does that mean we cease to be Christians? No, for we have to remember what Christ has taught us. He declared that the human body is the temple of God. 

God is available even when the church is unavailable. And also, one kind suggestion for my Christian friends. Let your faith be encouraging and truthful to people who are hurting and suffering. Proclaim God's love more and fulfill the greater commandment of Christ, that is to love one another. 

This is a time to be real Christians, that is to spread love, compassion, not viruses and negativity. Bring hope to people around through God's word but only if they're ready to listen. Don't force feed God to people which may be misleading and a hindrance to a common lot. 

As I said before, we don't know when is the next actual Sunday service. Let's read Bible, pray and hope that God will lead us through this ordeal just like he rescued Israelites from the evil hands of Egypt, protected them from plagues and led them all way through red sea. Keep the faith alive and wait for God to work his miracles. 


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