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Let me start with a phrase that is all too familiar when it comes to forgiveness – Forgive and forget. Truly speaking, forgetting something, especially something that hurt us is difficult. If we could forget, we do not need forgiveness, and if forgiving automatically let to forgetting, maybe some of us would not forgive for […]
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There are so many biblical figures who went the extra mile for their faith but what makes each one of them unique is the distinct troubling encounters in which they are tested and Daniel dared to be a professor of unshakeable faith in more than one situation. When we are about to discuss about Daniel’s […]
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‘Can you hear me?’ ‘Can you see me?’ ‘Put a thumbs-up if you can hear or see me?’ ‘Please mute yourself if you are not speaking’ ‘Please submit the MCQs by pressing on the submit button’ Welcome to the new world of WFH and Online Education in 2020. The resilience of the human race is […]
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