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Any other year, I would have started this article with, Christmas is in the air. Now, it feels more like Corona is in the air. Finally, it’s December but how Christmas is going to be in the times of Corona is a very unprecedented situation. Iconic Christmas celebrations around the world are still taking place. […]
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‘Can you hear me?’ ‘Can you see me?’ ‘Put a thumbs-up if you can hear or see me?’ ‘Please mute yourself if you are not speaking’ ‘Please submit the MCQs by pressing on the submit button’ Welcome to the new world of WFH and Online Education in 2020. The resilience of the human race is […]
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So, this guy happened to go next to a pool of water. Looking at his own reflection in the water, he madly fell in love… with himself. Greek Mythology calls him Narcissus. Then there was another lady who went and stood in front of a mirror. Loved talking to the mirror and desperately eager to […]
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