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Senior Maths Teacher at Wilson College, Mumbai Gospel Singer/Lyricist/Composer Multi-talented Creative Person/Composer/Writer in Bollywood Film Writer's Association (FWA) Member.

PASTOR ANIL KANT has dedicated himself completely to use his talents for the Lord. He recorded his first Gospel album in 2002 and since then he has released 18 Gospel Albums. His songs are word based (bible scriptures) because it is the word that breaks the yoke. It brings the anointing and the presence of God in our lives.  

JOHN SCHLITT: While John is arguably one of the most powerful vocalists around, his mightiest cry is the cry of his heart. Whether onstage or up close and personal, John’s voice is one of a truly changed soul. And his music is and always will be a reflection of God’s love and redeeming power.

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