When someone gives us something, we feel indebted; that we owe them and have to return it to them. This comes with the constant feeling of not really enjoying what we have received, because a part of us is always focussed on how and when we can be rid of the burden of the favour […]
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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That is true. The idea is to give work, study, or any vocation you may need a break and spend some time in some play. The break, combined with the activity, should hopefully bring you back rejuvenated to your work, and also equipped you with […]
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Dear folks, You heard it right! Let's Break Up! I know this is a heartbreaking word!! But still let us make a choice to do so. I believe sometimes it is the right decision to take a U-turn in our lives. A great start to understand the purpose of our being. To know who we […]
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