Son: Daddy, I want to ask you something? Dad: Sure, son, feel free to ask me anything. Son: If you don’t mind, can you help me make a sense of what I am reading about. It doesn’t make sense to me. Dad: Ok, son. What have you been reading? Son: Ya, Dad. I have been […]
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Everyone's faith is being put to test as we are travelling through a very critical year 2020. There is bad news every night and some days, we lack the strength to fight against the surrounding negativity and bitter reality. With the pandemic which doesn't seem to be leaving us any time sooner along with deadly […]
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Imagine that a three-year old was negotiating her way through the crowds in a busy railway station like Old Delhi Railway Station to reach a particular spot on the platform. As she walked, along the way she found trolleys and baggage and even people sitting on the ground. Whenever she came across an obstacle, she […]
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