With or without our knowledge, we are drifting far away from the faith we once had, and it’s getting hard by every passing day to possibly hope for a way out or trust in the ways of Almighty God like we are supposed to, but we are not alone. Let’s take a walk down the […]
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There are so many biblical figures who went the extra mile for their faith but what makes each one of them unique is the distinct troubling encounters in which they are tested and Daniel dared to be a professor of unshakeable faith in more than one situation. When we are about to discuss about Daniel’s […]
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Everyone’s faith is being put to test as we are travelling through a very critical year 2020. There is bad news every night and some days, we lack the strength to fight against the surrounding negativity and bitter reality. With the pandemic which doesn’t seem to be leaving us any time sooner along with deadly […]
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