Any other year, I would have started this article with, Christmas is in the air. Now, it feels more like Corona is in the air. Finally, it’s December but how Christmas is going to be in the times of Corona is a very unprecedented situation. Iconic Christmas celebrations around the world are still taking place. […]
There is another battle taking place in the 21st century. It’s not a nuclear war. It’s not about a virus. Or people. Or extra-planetary beings. It’s a battle for my creativity. When I(and even you) was born, we were given a high dosage of creativity from God. As you know, God is really creative. That’s […]
Let me start with a phrase that is all too familiar when it comes to forgiveness – Forgive and forget. Truly speaking, forgetting something, especially something that hurt us is difficult. If we could forget, we do not need forgiveness, and if forgiving automatically let to forgetting, maybe some of us would not forgive for […]

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