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Reconciling with the Redeemer and Realising our Role

With or without our knowledge, we are drifting far away from the faith we once had, and it’s getting hard by every passing day to possibly hope for a way out or trust in the ways of Almighty God like we are supposed to, but we are not alone. Let’s take a walk down the […]

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Celebrate Christ, this Christmas!

Any other year, I would have started this article with, Christmas is in the air. Now, it feels more like Corona is in the air. Finally, it’s December but how Christmas is going to be in the times of Corona is a very unprecedented situation. Iconic Christmas celebrations around the world are still taking place. […]

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The battle for my creativity

There is another battle taking place in the 21st century. It’s not a nuclear war. It’s not about a virus. Or people. Or extra-planetary beings. It’s a battle for my creativity. When I(and even you) was born, we were given a high dosage of creativity from God. As you know, God is really creative. That’s […]


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