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FEBA ONLINE - Sharing Hope, Purpose & Life

Sharing Hope, Purpose & Life

Touching Lives since 1964

Communicating The Gospel & Demonstrating Love, Faith & Hope

Presenting Christ By Radio & Allied Media

About US

FEBA India is a non-denominational mission which exists to broadcast the Gospel through the medium of radio and allied media. FEBA – India has sought to meet the most important needs of mankind in the sub-continent – Peace, Love and Hope. It has strengthened, guided, comforted and brought joy to millions around the world for more than 5 decades. FEBA India has  endeavour to bring hope and a healing balm to the people torn with hatred, strife, pain and suffering. We continue to present Christ to the world. 

Listen to a variety of programs in your favorite language on FEBAOnline

Our Programmes

Faith Cometh by hearing


Christian Radio is part of my testimony. I grew up listening to radio messages early morning and evenings. As a family we used to group around the Radio as daddy used to tune in. They were the echoes of God’s word throughout the day. We used to make a note of all addresses given at the end of each program. We never failed to drop a post card mentioning what impacted us and when. They were all prophetic messages and God chose to feed our hungry hearts through them. Dad, mom, my elder brother and I were fans of various programmes and had regular touch with everyone of them. We co-partnerrd with FEBA India in various ways as prayer partners, recording songs, taking part in some program recordings, magazine (sometime contributing to its writing). The recording and editing experience are Vivid in my mind (those big spools !!) Even now every time we pass by that way my eyes fondly turn to give it a look with a prayer in my heart that the Gospel would still widely spread to the Far East. Praise God! – Mrs.Buelah

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