Sharing Hope, Purpose & Life

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Presenting Christ By Radio & Allied Media

About US

FEBA India is a non-denominational mission which exists to broadcast the Gospel through the medium of radio and allied media.

FEBA – India has sought to meet the most important needs of mankind in the sub-continent – Peace, Love and Hope. It has strengthened, guided, comforted and brought joy to millions around the world for more than 5 decades.

FEBA India has  endeavoured to bring hope and a healing balm to the people torn with hatred, strife, pain and suffering. We continue to present Christ to the world. 

Sharing Hope, Purpose & Life

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Practical , Encouraging ,Truthful Talks,  Sunday Worship Service and other video formats. Videos that build up your faith and hope.



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Our Programmes

Faith Cometh by hearing


touching Lives since 1964

Communicating The Gospel & Demonstrating Love, Faith & Hope


War and Peace

War and peace These past three weeks, the world’s attention has been held captive by the war that Russia has been waging on Ukraine. But

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