With or without our knowledge, we are drifting far away from the faith we once had, and it’s getting hard by every passing day to possibly hope for a way out or trust in the ways of Almighty God like we are supposed to, but we are not alone. Let’s take a walk down the […]
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‘Can you hear me?’ ‘Can you see me?’ ‘Put a thumbs-up if you can hear or see me?’ ‘Please mute yourself if you are not speaking’ ‘Please submit the MCQs by pressing on the submit button’ Welcome to the new world of WFH and Online Education in 2020. The resilience of the human race is […]
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So, there is an interesting phenomenon on the streets of the city. Not just on the streets. On terrace-tops, inside homes and  office corridors. Even in  the smallest slum and the dingiest by-lane. Shop-keepers and customers. Virtual chat rooms and live webinars.The poor and the rich. All are talking about Maths. Numbers. Statistics. Graphs. (Yes, […]
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