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 FEBA Online  is a  internet radio station offering a wide variety of  online programmes at the click of a button. We are also present on various social media platforms. We purpose to share eternal hope and encouragement to our listeners and viewers. Our goal is to connect with you, and make FEBA Online a great place for you to come, unwind, enjoy and be blessed.

Do you need prayer? Have feedback, suggestions or a testimony? We'd love to hear from you.  Email us at info@febaonline.org.  We value you and you are important to us..so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. God bless you!


Learnings in life happen to each one of us. None can deny it. It is unique to everyone. Share something that you have learned life through OUR INTERNET RADIO STATION, may be a how the audio talks,  songs, videos, etc, has impacted you, that may be useful to others to read and to put it to application. Our tem will also be encouraged.

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Listen to daily inspirational thoughts and life lessons from God’s Word, through your phone any-time and anywhere, by renowned speakers. Simply dial the number (0)8880876000 and listen to a 3 minute 24/7 daily inspiration. We trust that these daily thoughts will bless you. The promises in God’s Word will bring you comfort and hope. Study, obey and live the Word of God, it will transform your life forever!

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A collection of videos, to inspire you on your journey in life. We have short films, talks on living life in abundance and transformation stories.  Topics such as anger, depression, faith and how to  have a meaningful marital life, etc have been covered. Take time to watch and share the videos with your friends. 

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