The first thing that comes to mind nowadays when we hear the word ‘redeem’ is probably the discount coupons or the loyalty points from the shops and malls that we frequent. If we were to look up the etymology of the word, we will end up with Latin and French origins, both of them meaning […]
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We have all heard of hikers coming to grief in the woods. At some point, they left the trail, and before they knew it, they were hopelessly lost. Without a map and compass, they lost their bearings and began to go around in circles. Their situation soon became dire—darkness closed in, wild animals were out […]
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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That is true. The idea is to give work, study, or any vocation you may need a break and spend some time in some play. The break, combined with the activity, should hopefully bring you back rejuvenated to your work, and also equipped you with […]
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