Author: Jacob Mathew

There is another battle taking place in the 21st century. It’s not a nuclear war. It’s not about a virus. Or people. Or extra-planetary beings. It’s a battle for my creativity. When I(and even you) was born, we were given a high dosage of creativity from God. As you know, God is really creative. That’s […]
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‘Can you hear me?’ ‘Can you see me?’ ‘Put a thumbs-up if you can hear or see me?’ ‘Please mute yourself if you are not speaking’ ‘Please submit the MCQs by pressing on the submit button’ Welcome to the new world of WFH and Online Education in 2020. The resilience of the human race is […]
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Son: Daddy, I want to ask you something? Dad: Sure, son, feel free to ask me anything. Son: If you don’t mind, can you help me make a sense of what I am reading about. It doesn’t make sense to me. Dad: Ok, son. What have you been reading? Son: Ya, Dad. I have been […]
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